Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Toyota Tundra Review

The Toyota Tundra was introduced in 2000 as Toyota's full-size pickup. With each subsequent year, Toyota has improved upon it, eventually earning it recognition as a top-notch competitor in its class. The most recent update was in 2005, when it received some cosmetic touch ups and more powerful engines. It remained basically unchanged for the 2006 model year, but a redesign is expected for 2007.

Gas Mileage:
                    Of 13 rated full-size trucks on, the most fuel efficient Toyota Tundra ranked 6th overall. This, of course, does not reflect the various trims of the truck, which all have varying statistics. The city/highway mileage for each of these, as reported by, are as follows:
  • V6 2WD automatic - 18/22
  • V6 2WD manual - 16/20
  • V8 2WD automatic - 16/19
  • V8 4WD automatic - 15/18